Every idea has untapped potential to be brilliant!  We help you shine.

Synoco Group is a global product marketing company which provides comprehensive concierge level services to our clients from concept design to delivery.

The Synoco Team consists of the best in the industry for their experience and project manage the life cycle efficiently and seamlessly. 


With over 25 years of experience,  Synoco offers you intelligent, strategic and creative solution for your brand.  Our experience in brand development has helped our customers to elevate their presence with creative and innovative products, resulting in excellence of brand awareness, brand accuracy, global brand consistency.  Synoco has full vertical integration in-house, allowing its efficiencies and nimbleness to successfully bring you speed to market with competitive edge.

Our Internal QA/QC is the most intensive and comprehensive process which sets us apart from all competition.  We test and meet all FDA, FTC, FCC and EU requirements.

We are socially conscious of human rights and international labor laws as well as eco-conscious to environmental footprint.

Our services include:

Conceptualizing, designing, development, engineering and reverse engineering, manufacturing (hard goods, textiles, printing, etc.)shipping and logistics, warehousing , kitting and quality assurance.

Our Mission


Our Values

  • Planning

    • Results-driven solutions begin with a clear understanding of needs and goals

    • Strategic partnership

    • Planning

    • Immersive category research

    • Experience

  • Design & Development

    • Innovative

    • 3D animation

    • Rapid Prototyping

    • Patented designs

    • Engineering and reverse engineering

    • Balance style, function and mindful designs

  • Sourcing

    • Extensive network of premier family based manufacturing and affiliated factories

  • Manufacturing

    • 50+yrs expertise in custom manufacturing 

    • Quick prototype turnaround

    • Cost effective manufacturing processes

    • Efficient manufacturing solutions

    • Grade A quality manufacturing base

    • Mission to provide best balance of price without compromising quality

  • Warehouse & Fulfillment

    • Secured and CCTV monitored warehousing

    • Timely

    • Organized and efficient storing

    • Centralized warehousing, fulfillment and distribution centers (overseas and domestically)

    • Pick and Pack

    • Labelling

  • Logistics

    • 50+yrs expertise in logistics 

    • Timely

    • Cost effective

    • Reliable 

    • Accurate delivery

    • Insured& secured

    • Throughout 6 continents via Air Freight- Sea Freight- Trucking


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